A person’s bedroom is like a window into their soul.
Ok, that’s not a real saying, but I do think it’s pretty true.
Your bedroom is your own personal space, and it’s a blank canvas giving you an opportunity to show your style. It’s also a place to relax, and how are you going to relax in a bare room?

In my experience, all this is even more important at university, especially in those impersonal hall bedrooms. When you feel at home in your room, you can start to battle any homesickness you might be feeling.

So, your fairy blog-mother is here to show you how to make your room stand out and look fab in an easy and low-budget way.


Some foliage is a really easy way to add life and personality into a room. Cacti are so popular now that they’re cheap and readily available, and are pretty easy to look after (ignore the one in the forefront of the first photo, no clue what happened to it!). Don’t feel restrained to cacti though-bonsai trees, money trees and other succulents are all popular and just as good.



Lighting is one of the easiest way to turn your room from a drab dark box to a comforting warm environment. These are just some examples of the lighting I have in my room. The first is an essential oil diffuser, which glows in different colours. While it’s slightly on the pricier side, it has two functions so is well worth it in my opinion. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that is just as effective, string fairy lights are the way to go. You can get them cheap from amazon or Argos, and with christmas coming up you’re sure to find lots of deals.






Wall collages were one of the first ways that I started experimenting with room decoration, and my technique has slowly improved and been refined over the years. It’s so easy and is a great way to showcase your personality. I collect free magazines I find in independent shops, album cover sleeves, postcards etc. All of these can contribute to your decoration. It’s creative, easy, and can be done for completely free!



Tablecloths, blankets and scarves can all be used to bring colour and pattern to a room. I have fabrics on my desk, a storage chest and at the foot of my bed. They’re so versatile that you can pretty much choose any fabric, colour or pattern that you might need.


One way you can spice up your room without too much effort is doing a little DIY. This was something I did at Uni when I wanted something natural and colourful but couldn’t afford or didn’t have the time to look after fresh flowers every week. I collected some pretty alcohol bottles (you don’t even have to be the one who drinks it all, one of the ones below was just left behind at mine after a pre drinks!) and filled them with these fake flowers that I picked up for barely anything from Ikea. You could also fill it with fairy lights for another lighting solution. Sure, they’re obviously fake and could seem a bit tacky but it’s an original way to add colour and style to a room.



Your room isn’t going to feel very put together if you don’t have some sort of storage system. I keep my studs and rings in two pretty storage solutions-an ornate box and a pottery bowl. It makes it looks much more unique and organised on your dresser.


Your bed is the easiest way to show personality. While duvet covers/ a headboard go without saying, I’m personally a huge fan of a good old throw pillow. Not only do they look good, but they can make your winter evenings in bed watching Netflix that little bit more comfy. These pillows come from places like Primark, Ikea and Easy, so vary in price and quality, but it means that there is something out there for everyone no matter your style or budget.



This is most important for university bedrooms-a few photos can make you feel really at home. You can print off photos on sites like Snapfish or Photobox, or use a disposable camera over a few months to collect some snaps. I’ve used a cheap pinboard to arrange my photos-this is a great way to circumvent the ‘no blue-tac on the walls’ rule in a lot of halls and student houses!



Not only do candles smell great, instantly making your room feel cosier and more personal, but you can get candles that look aesthetically pleasing too. Some cute candle holders or candles in pretty jars or pots can really do the trick for an evening in, and look great lit or not.



I fully appreciate that not everyone has the luxury to be able to paint their bedroom whatever colour they want. However, if you have a chill landlord or own your own place, you can have a lot of fun. One of the walls in my bedroom is bright orange. A statement wall like this does a lot for a room, so I would recommend it if you have the ability.



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